Foundation is Over!

Well, well, well… So, we are in the end of our Foundation! MUET’s over, so did our exam… Now the thing we only need to do is wait for the results! What does that make you feel guys? Happy? Satisfied? Excited? Scared? Neutral? *sniffs*

I just can’t believe that we had been in Sabah, or more particularly KK for the past one and a half years. It seems to be long, yet it is short. For the entire foundation, we had shared many memories, both good, and bad. I know there are lots and lots of things that can be made better. So, let’s just do it next year: our degree year. *shining eyes*

Yeap… Next year, we’ll be in the course known as *light from above* B. Ed in TESL IPG-KPM twinning with IPTA 3rd Cycle. Degree! It’s degree! On the not-so-good side, we won’t have PBS and BIG. *heart breaks apart* That is so heart wrenching!

Whatever it is, I just want to say goodbye to our fellow friends, Langgo the Cherryboy, Rararomarachel B1 Forkie, and Jennie [which lacks nicknames… *giggles*]. Please remember that you will only be in Miri for one year, and then we’ll meet again in Selangor! So, keep contacting us, okay?

*sniffs* This flu is getting worse… *sad violin music playing*

As an end note, holiday is approaching, so Happy Holiday and Selamat Hari Raya Haji! Bye-bye! *sniffs*


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