Sports, Sunburn, Sweet!

I can't tell you how happy I was, and still is, that Waja won Sukan Antara Divisi. Huhuhu... I know everyone in this team [and other teams too] did their best to make our [and their] group proud, either as the athletes, or the cheerios [or rather cheering spectators], or by being in the procession [that's me!].

So, it was a great thing that we had our Games in Stadium Likas, which was, frankly, quite surprising since our Institute is not in a good financial state. So, I really, really appreciated what they did. Hey, it's not all the time that we could have a sport competition in a stadium.

The sweet thing is, two weeks of practicing Kawad did pay off. We won the second place! Wheee~! Heheh... What a great feeling. Thanks to all in the team. We did a great job. Sunburn? Well, I don't know if I had one, since my skin didn't really change in appearance, but other people did. Huhuhu...

Besides being in my team's Kawad team, I was directly involved with the games too! I was one the officials [LOL, it's AJK Pelepas only larrrr~ Hahah]. With my three friends, we were the helpers of those who started each race. Nice experience I must say. LOL.

As the final words, our Sukan Antara Divisi was a great and enriching experience. I don't mind if we have it again... Heheh... [Well, as long as I'm not the athlete... Hahah]

Fikku Fiq

T-shirt Design

Hey Guys!
Here's our T-shirt design~! Wheee~!


from Aina with love

this special post is dedicated to beloved friends(ilanggo,rachel and jennie)...

hi guys....this is the reality of life is'nt it?...bittersweet memories still carved in our heart forever...The memories still vividly seen through this fake eyes(fyi,i wears lenses)...and still im going to treasure it forever.....

we started all as 13 candidates...13 trainees that are scatteredly collected around Malaysia and combined in one course..and it's called Tesl SM...
Together We Unite,Divided we fall..remember?well..i do......a moment that is quite hard for everybody i guess to adapt the new atmosphere of bumi gaya and after all.we realised that we are actually not alone..then,new kids on the block begin to show.2 from peninsular and the other from started to bloom as we bonded as a good family..

jennie,frankly said,i didnt even know how to approach you at the beginning...but then..after few semesters.i realised,how lucky i am to be gifted such a highly-motivated friend like you..believe are going to be a great teacher...(make sure you provide your students with 'Besta' meh..) are such a survivor and i do believe,that you will be fine as long as you have all your gizmoes and car keys with you..=p.....
take care of yourself dear.. seriously going to miss you...and your absence will totally ruin the emotions of us..well rachel,thanks for brightening up our days,for cherish our life,for mending our emo heart.for the lullaby,for the stories.and for everything...take this as a challenge my dear,and i bet that you are going to recieve thousands of gifts and piles of cards during the teacher's day....=)..The unimitate smile that you brought to us had enlighten our gloomy heart..the tenderness of your voice will definitely make us feel warmth...your name.your laugh.your jokes.your smile will encarved in this heart..and you=)) not fair...going back to your hometown you can envy of you...there's blessing in disguise know what i mean right?lumut for every weekend meh..?no..cannot..haha...well..thanks for everything.especially for the 1st sem...i still remember.sitting next to you..and you had spoilt my mood by ruining my favourite kidding.thanks for the advices given..i totally appriciate it...and we are going to miss you..cherry well meh..dont drink and drive..take good care of yourself and anis some well in your studies and im sure you are going to be a principal someday=p....

that's all i guess...
whatever it takes,we are not gonna break the promise we made=))
together we unite as teslians.eternity.....

ainazafirah ahmad zubir...


So, have you noticed something different here?

Yup... Our blog is now REALLY our blog.

Still. if any of you are not satisfy with this, then do contact me, kay?

Afiq [ it's not wrong kan... kan... kan?]

Freshly Scribbled

Hi, Afiq's here, just wanting to write something meaningful [I hope] to our class blog.

So, as everyone should have known, our class will be separated soon. It's a sad thing, we need to leave our three friends, and they need to go somewhere else. Still, I don't want to cry. It happened and will continue to happen. UiTM may not accept them, but it is enough that we know that we accept them with all our hearts.

Now to the other thing, almost everyone, and I mean almost everyone in our class enter the choir, albeit they just do it for only two weeks. I really appreciated their contribution, it's weird though, that our songs have the reference about flying, you know, the titles: Take These Wings and Flying Free. They are NICE songs, of course.

So guys, I think that's it for now. It's fun writing in this blog [although I need to write using Queen's English as opposed to my own blog... Hahah]

So long and farewell~! [SKEMA SKEMA!]

Savour the moments

Fr. Dr. Goh.
There is so much to do in life, and so little time to do all of them. It makes us treasure our times together more. Live every moment of life and make it count. There is always so much happening in the institute, and so much to talk about.
I hope everyone will come into this blog space and write and share. I also hope that you will discuss issues together. This is just like maintaining a collective journal. You can also keep your personal journal. Here's some information I obtained from the internet:
Maintaining a Personal Journal
A personal journal is a good, ongoing way to record your observations and thoughts--your personal responses to your world--and thus develop ideas for writing. A personal journal is more than just a record of what happens in your life (it's more than just "on Monday I went to the library; on Tuesday I stayed late at work"). A personal journal is a record of your observations, feelings, and reflections on your experience. You may want to write about an incident you observed, a person, a place, an important childhood experience, different reactions to a situation, a current issue, a goal, an ethical problem, or any other subject that has attracted your attention and occupied your thoughts. Consider yourself an investigator and ask why something is the way it is, why people respond in certain ways to a particular situation, what a person's or place's or item's special characteristics are, or how something happened. In other words, think about what you observe and write those thoughts in your journal entries.


An ostrich’s eye is the same size as its brain.


United We Stand

Latest Express:- the place where you can hear all the news of TESL SM 2009:

19th July: 3 students from the TESL SM class were called to meet up with the higher authority to discuss about the latest issues that has befallen them. (i'm sure you know the details).
in conclusion: JenJen and Rara is going to be sent to Miri while GoGo is going to be sent to Ipoh- where a ahem ahem is there. but anyway.

we also decorated the class for the MQA thingy. which i like because of the cooperation between the siblings are really close.
Did you know that Omegle is the latest of all latest game to play besides Plants Vs. Zombie? (even FB lost the battle between the games. nyahahaha)It has great fun and also censored scenes at time which children below 18 should not watch. Or should we raise the age children below 19 should not watch. X) but it's save most of the times.

and and and Emo Corner has just had it's soft launching today!!!! weeee!!!!!
we're gonna further upgrade it soon. but now, please participate. >w< we're really turning it into a corner just for ourselves. and maybe some special visitors. dont forget to add on a layer of sticky tape at the back of the fragile paper to ensure it's survival there.

Sports day is just around the corner. this coming Thursday. i'm sure all teams are ready despite of the rainy season which had befallen unto us during our practice time. Thank God for the rain. X)

Not to forget, we're going to have convocation next Wednesday!!! >.<>
Thanks to nearly the whole Class. and to the ones who has accepted the Challenge. Dont worry. Salt is on me. *wink wink*

o. and i love Kanak Kanak Riang!

- Reporter: secret agent nyahahaha

me yo.

hye guys..what up? this is me. FRED. We are moving forward and as we all can see we are going to sit for our final at the end of this year.

it's our final semester guys!'s my post...
can't the blink of the eyes,we had reached this level.and it was ....?haha..i can't even describe it...well guys....we are going to sit for our final..and still.....we do nothing about it..haha...still having fun and laugh.giggle.etc..(serious tone)..

lets strive the best dudes...all the best...

from me...aina...

Pictures of us~~

This blog was not active during our 2nd semester foundation. Therefore, here are the pictures from the activity and events that we did during 2nd semester foundation.

After our Macbeth dramatization~

Class photo! Last day of TESL Camp~

Our trip to Kinabalu Park

Retro guys~ during TESL night.

Retro girls! Also during tesl night~

The whole class!




From the Desk of Rachel's

XD i'm so happy that we are able to revive this blog again since... let's say, a year ago?

Dr. Goh- O gosh! i'm so excited that we're able to have individual consultation in the near future. I think that it doesn't need to be very long. But maybe when we are facing problem then the individual talk can go on. And of course when we are going to have our assignments soon then the individual talk can immediately be executed. Maybe it could be done as a few people in a group talk some times. XD it's just a suggestion though...

Emo Motel- Feel like you remember something? Or reminisce about it after more than 1 semester? You miss it don't you? Well, FEAR NOT! It's going to get going again and this time, UPGRADED! EMO Hotel. Though the exact official date is not confirm yet, but we will provide the comfort of all you need. XD the fee is as low as zero, no wait, It's FREE!!! It's just at the little corner of the classroom- the left side. Though it will be more open this time, we'll try our best to make it as cozy as possible. XP another thing that you should do is support this hotel. all donations-sweets, perfume sachets for class, drinks and tip-bits! will keep the hotel running at a 5 star level! you see this treasurer? "wink wink"
any way, the purpose of the picture above is for entertaining! GOTCHA!

-Rach, Plants vs Zombie fan!

Revival and Resolutions

Fr. Dr. Goh - A New Hope
We learn a language as we use it - whether verbally or in writing. In blogging, do you notice that we speak as we write? I hope this works. I hope this blog will be a shared space of personal musings that we can interact and respond to. I hope that you will all come into this space and share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. I hope we will bring life back to this space with energy and commitment. Shall we start with at least one sharing per person per week? What did you think of today's activity - The walk of Socrates? What other activities for generating ideas would you suggest? What do you think about the idea for individual consults? Who would like to have individual consults and when? Over to you all now, my dears.
Well well well... We're alive again~!
Fiq Fikku Fiq