Happy New Year! Say Hello to Degree!

Miss you!



We'll miss you! No matter what happen...
Keep in touch! We'll see all of you again
[with fellow TESLians from Miri of course! :)],
one year from now!

SM and SR TESLians, IPG Gaya!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!

the class went to Mdm's house to celebrate!
Majority of the classmates celebrated Hari Raya Haji for the very first time in Sabah. X)
we went there early and ate first. soon the whole language department lecturers came as well.
Food was Awesome! Mdm! we love your cooking. Afiq says SEDAP MASAKAN MDM.! While Yazeed says it's PALING MANANG!
Mdm. replied in one of the fb pics says that "I always like to cook for those who like to eat....thanks Afiq, puji2 madam, nanti madam masak lagi.."
so Mdm, we'll definitely have another time of feasting in the near future! *wink wink*
it was definitely a fun and memorable time together!


i'll miss each and everyone of you.

miss you as deep as the blue sea

as high as the infinite spectrum of the universe



life is a long journey

we must go on.

No turning back

No turning back.

Foundation is Over!

Well, well, well… So, we are in the end of our Foundation! MUET’s over, so did our exam… Now the thing we only need to do is wait for the results! What does that make you feel guys? Happy? Satisfied? Excited? Scared? Neutral? *sniffs*

I just can’t believe that we had been in Sabah, or more particularly KK for the past one and a half years. It seems to be long, yet it is short. For the entire foundation, we had shared many memories, both good, and bad. I know there are lots and lots of things that can be made better. So, let’s just do it next year: our degree year. *shining eyes*

Yeap… Next year, we’ll be in the course known as *light from above* B. Ed in TESL IPG-KPM twinning with IPTA 3rd Cycle. Degree! It’s degree! On the not-so-good side, we won’t have PBS and BIG. *heart breaks apart* That is so heart wrenching!

Whatever it is, I just want to say goodbye to our fellow friends, Langgo the Cherryboy, Rararomarachel B1 Forkie, and Jennie [which lacks nicknames… *giggles*]. Please remember that you will only be in Miri for one year, and then we’ll meet again in Selangor! So, keep contacting us, okay?

*sniffs* This flu is getting worse… *sad violin music playing*

As an end note, holiday is approaching, so Happy Holiday and Selamat Hari Raya Haji! Bye-bye! *sniffs*

The SM TESLians' End of Foundation Feast!

We got a great lunch at The Choice Indian Restaurant last Saturday. The purposes? Just to celebrate the end of our Foundation, and MUET, and exam, and the most important thing – As a dedication to our beloved friends, and family of TESL SM, Rachel, Ilanggo, and Jennie. All three of them will leave us and go to IPG Sarawak in Miri. We will miss you a lot! Trust us! Haha!

After we had finished our MUET, all 15 of us went to the restaurant. Madam Sharifah was of course there. We had a pretty great deal of food to munch! Chicken briyani, veges, dhal, cakes, and fish head curry… All satisfied our stomach to the maximum!

As the tokens of appreciation, Ilanggo, Jennie, and Rachel each received batik cloths from us. If you wear the baju kurungs or shirt made from that, do remember us, will you?

Anyway, below are some photos from the feast!

Rachel's mango cheese cake and Madam Sharifah's cake!
Waiting for the moon... Errr... the food...
Our comrades: Rachel, Ilanggo, Jennie
The SM TESLians Family
After the feast!

Remember guys, we still have one more feast after this! Madam Sharifah’s Raya Haji Feast! Wheee~!

Stories from the Leaves of Love

Syed Noor Yazeed:

Live like we’re dying.

BI(SM) are Shamaz’s babies!

You kiss me, I kiss you. You hurt me, I kill you.

Count on me.

Proud to be in the TESL family.


There is no Mr Hyde or Dr Jekyll within me

And I glad to know that me is me

Can’t hide myself from me

I can see what others can’t see

I know what others can never know

I can’t fool others, and so


Some of us in this world are born to to freedom & plenty, but some of us don’t have, and of the pleasures that are given to those who are free… So, we started to wonder why fortune & fate left it so limited in our experience of life. We triumph over obstacles and search for our identity, but no matter how, we won’t give up till the day we are truly free!!!

Hamy Azuar:

“It is all about friendship, courage and will to strive for become a better person”…

I was describing myself as a person that want to shine other people and myself too. I like to see other people smile happily like no sadness in our heart.


Before picking up on germs in other people’s eyes, reflect yourself in the mirror and notice that, there’s a large elephant in your eyes.

- Julay Sabil a.k.a. my father

Nur’Amalin Aishah:

Expectations sometimes hurt. My attitude is based on how people treat me. Frequently, I say I’m okay when the truth I’m not. This is me, NUR’AMALIN AISHAH ISMAIL. Be nice to me. I’ll be double nice to you.

Abdullah Mustaqim:






Fine. Fresh. Fierce.

Still got a long way ahead of me.

Live life to the fullest!

Nur Amirah:

Bright, emotional, bubbly

A person that is unpredictable

N.A.M.A. ‘saya’


Life is only once; work hard or you’ll regret it.


Raihan Nabihah:

I have no words to say…

That’s the way things are


True happiness exist only when forgiveness & contentment takes its place.


I am who I am

A man just like some of you

I am unique

No one can be like me

I’ve my own feature

No one can claim as their own

I’ve my own character

I speak my own way

I am not perfect

I am not handsome

I am not strong nor fit

But that’s me

Auzellea Kristin:

“It takes a lot of work from the face to let out a smile, but just think what good smiling can bring to the most important muscle of the body – the heart.”

- Anonymous

Mohd Afiq:

As we say goodbye to our teen years

Let’s cherish the new chapter that’s coming fast

Remember to be young at heart

Though at the same moment, stay as adult as ever.

A theme of ending teenage years

A time: rebellious, happy, sad, in love, in friendship

We went through it all.

Now, forward we move, a new era

A theme of ending teenage years

We are going to learn how to walk again.

It's ending


was over


Oh wait… There’s one thing…


In one week

Then, we’ll have


In other words


is ending.

So, TESLians of

SR1 and SR2

And most importantly


Let us all pass the exam and MUET with




hello hello people

we have survive 3 days of war.
1 st day: MUET speaking
2nd day: LDS mock exam
3rd day: SS Mock exam
good job everyone. ^.^ "kaching!"

today i must say, i really enjoyed writing SS. XD
10 pages! whoot!!
tired hands.
but worth everything.
i just wish that it is the real exam questions so that i do not need to write anymore.

anyway, we're gonna have war again tomorrow.
ES mock exam
and LDV on Friday. tweet...

so so so...
"shall i compare thee to a summers day?"


Here’s the list of the dates of our exam!


1st November MON


2nd November TUE


9th November MON


10th November TUE


And of course we can’t forget the ever-wonderful


18th October MON


13th November SAT

Reading, Writing, Listening


Anxiously anxious?

Your heart is beating to the max?

Whatever it is, we’ll win this war~!



A: so...you prepare already?

i mean the war.

B: what war?

A: what!!!???!?!?! you dont know ka?

So this is the type of attitude many people have, including me… or is it only me?

If you notice. or you have already notice or already notice but had forgotten or hidden it far away down in the dungeon.

Well, EXAM is near.

Even more important than SPM and STPM

MUET is coming near.

So have you prepared for it?

It's like a once in a lifetime thingy.

And and and exam is near.

Face it

the truth

it's coming

dont run

coz no matter how far we run,

we will still come back to square 1.

Like it or not,

don’t regret It.

I mean,

your result.

:D so... study la now.

peace. xoxo



[Rachel, you hacked my acc~! Argghhh~! LOL]

Laypark Crewz!


It was so fun to be participating and selling beverages for our IPG

Hari Keusahawanan and Ko-kurikulum!

Thanks to all who made it a success!


Laypark Crewz!


To love or not to love is the same thing..
it still hurt you in the same chamber of your heart..

So why regret when you are in love with someone?
and why regret when you had decided to let that someone go?

It is fated

sometimes i do regret, but

It happens and nothing I do can change the feelings....
So, appreciate all the pains cause it won't come twice..
(maybe THE SITUATION is, but the feelings WON'T repeat)

Short Post

So, guys... Howdy? No need to ask how happy all of you are since you are at your hometowns relishing on the excess rendang and ketupat [that is if you have them] while watching TV and forgetting 'bout the assignments. Assignments? Let's not make this post a sad one. Nyeheheh...

So, the holiday is ending, and pretty soon, all of us will be getting our feet to walk up and down the stairs in Gaya again. Besides, I hope we will not be one of the world's nomadic tribe anymore. Ever since that pity incident involving us, we had to change classes like what? 4,5,6,7 times? One time, in the SAC, and the next, Blok E, and then, Blok C... Luckily, Gaya is an old institute, and that equals to a small institute, else, we might find ourselves losing a high number of fat in our bodies [Disclaimer: No offence. Kehkeh]. Now that our class is Blok C, we can give a breath of cool air... err... I mean, relieve. Let's just hope that now, that class stays as OUR class.

Hurmmm... What else I want to say? Well, I might as well stop here, but here are some random things, courtesy of fikku fiq:

Get the new free JoJo mixtape, Can’t Take That Away From Me

David Archuleta got a new single, Elevator

That's all... Huhuh...


Happy Malaysia Day!

Hey, My Pic!

Here're the faces of
Tie Yin Yin a.k.a. Jenny Tie
Syed Noor Yazeed
Ainazafirah and Amalin
Abdullah Mustaqim
Hamy Azuar, with his GF
Raihan Nabihah
Nur Amirah
Rachel Chin Mui Yin
Auzellea Kristin
Mohd Afiq

(Disclaimer: copyright infringement not intended and if you think your picture is hideous, live with it... Gyahaha)

Eid is [almost] here!

Happy Raya!

Breaking fast at Pizza Hut~

Just a short entry~

It was Zell and Ilanggo's idea to go to Pizza Hut for their dinner. They were craving i guess...haha~ Then it was suggested that the whole class to go break their fast there before going back at their respective hometowns for Raya holiday~ Unfortunately not all of us were there. Huhu~

The picture below cannot be described. Explicit content...hahha...xDD
Oh look! Kyry and Mag joined in as well! It was Kyry's birthday!

SELAMAT HARI RAYA... *pommm!! pommm!! (bunyi mercun)

Its that time of the year again...!!
but this year's celebration is definitely going to be different.. i knew her since i can remember.. she was strong,courages, independent and a tough women.. that's my OPAH.. she was a very very tough women.. she was paralyzed from her waist and below.. she spent almost 40 years of her life crawling to get to one place to another.. but let me tell you, she loved to go for vacations.. she was also a great cook.. she was so great, she became the cooking adviser for the whole family.. she just tell you what to do and what ingredient to add in... and it turns out SUPERB.. i still remember on every raya's eve, my cousins and i will stay up that night with her and telling stories.. it was like a tradition for us.. but this year, everything's going to change.. she's not here with us anymore.. lets pray that she will be placed with the devoted people.. ~AMIN~


on the bright side....
i can still celebrate and enjoy raya with my beloved family...
and after raya, i have been thinking to eat rendang daging....!! ~NYUM NYUM~
the best part is, i got a raya card from ~mademoiselle mariposa~
it is soooooo sweeeeeet.... haha...

deep thought from me.

Hi guys..

First and foremost, i would like to seek for forgiveness if, my writing do hurt some of you-or not..haha.. whatever...so. here is my thought....feel free to read..or leave...
Well..2 semesters had flew by and all of us had changed..don’t you even dare to deny it...it happened gradually and nah....all of us had changed...
So....here come the best part...some had grown up maturely, and some even soar freely.. well guys.im proud to be part of the teslians here....
‘United we stand, divided we fall’.. this is the quote created by one of us i guess..and been implemented as our ‘so-called-theme’.and do we really apply it in our class?
family?? ask yourself and you will find the answer...
Frankly said...i love this class as a family and family do care about each other right...and i don’t think that it is a needed for us to segregate ourselves and drifted apart from the main direction..what the fudge am i talking about. but the main point that i wanted to highlight most is the importance of keeping our words.. our words. yes. United we stand? haha....was just a quote or just a fake propaganda created by us in order to show to the others that...

‘wow, they are bonded as a family’. and yet we don’t even feel it inside..and im asking you..why we have to create this crappy things if we are not strong enough to hold the bond..and soar free as if we are the survivor who have the ability to stand still without a friend..
Imagine this....if you..yourself.yes...you are the one..being threw away from your own state without companion, could you even stand still until now? tell me?
Yea..we do change..people change a lot..and words are still words..promises remained there..washed away by the air as we are all ‘so-called-grown up’ and have our mission here....whatever la....sometimes,we cannot accept the changes, and our thought had controlled our mind to act according to what being said by our heart...accept the changes. in positive way..and no man perfect on this earth....and changes is one of the level that we had to go through. and now we are getting mature....here’s my word..don’t judge others. we have to accept each other in any kind of ways..that is what we do in our family right....
You wont straight away dump your brother or sister if he/she make mistakes right?...
And here..i cited this from someone that i knew..and i do believe all of you knew her by surface or in deep...she said that...

TRUE FRIEND WONT LEAVE HER FRIEND ALONE...guess what...’Alin’..you are right....
In order to improve ourselves, we have to respect others, and hold the promises that been made.we aren’t perfect so..stop judging others..okay=)
Don’t play with the words if you are bad at it...
That’s all..

Ainazafirah ahmad zubir..

and here comes

News updates!
Just to inform everyone. rararomarachel has successfully De-activated FB after several attempts.
So. You'll not be able visit her FB profile nor spam nor tag her pictures anymore. muahahaha

But you'll still be able to meet her in school, ask her via http://www.formspring.me/rararomarachel chat via Skype: rararomarachel and visit her tumblr at http://rararomarachel.tumblr.com/

p/s: The latest game we're playing is O2 mania. XD Thanks Montok.
~ so if you want it, bring your pendrive which has like 2G free space. :)