Short Post

So, guys... Howdy? No need to ask how happy all of you are since you are at your hometowns relishing on the excess rendang and ketupat [that is if you have them] while watching TV and forgetting 'bout the assignments. Assignments? Let's not make this post a sad one. Nyeheheh...

So, the holiday is ending, and pretty soon, all of us will be getting our feet to walk up and down the stairs in Gaya again. Besides, I hope we will not be one of the world's nomadic tribe anymore. Ever since that pity incident involving us, we had to change classes like what? 4,5,6,7 times? One time, in the SAC, and the next, Blok E, and then, Blok C... Luckily, Gaya is an old institute, and that equals to a small institute, else, we might find ourselves losing a high number of fat in our bodies [Disclaimer: No offence. Kehkeh]. Now that our class is Blok C, we can give a breath of cool air... err... I mean, relieve. Let's just hope that now, that class stays as OUR class.

Hurmmm... What else I want to say? Well, I might as well stop here, but here are some random things, courtesy of fikku fiq:

Get the new free JoJo mixtape, Can’t Take That Away From Me

David Archuleta got a new single, Elevator

That's all... Huhuh...


Happy Malaysia Day!


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