SELAMAT HARI RAYA... *pommm!! pommm!! (bunyi mercun)

Its that time of the year again...!!
but this year's celebration is definitely going to be different.. i knew her since i can remember.. she was strong,courages, independent and a tough women.. that's my OPAH.. she was a very very tough women.. she was paralyzed from her waist and below.. she spent almost 40 years of her life crawling to get to one place to another.. but let me tell you, she loved to go for vacations.. she was also a great cook.. she was so great, she became the cooking adviser for the whole family.. she just tell you what to do and what ingredient to add in... and it turns out SUPERB.. i still remember on every raya's eve, my cousins and i will stay up that night with her and telling stories.. it was like a tradition for us.. but this year, everything's going to change.. she's not here with us anymore.. lets pray that she will be placed with the devoted people.. ~AMIN~


on the bright side....
i can still celebrate and enjoy raya with my beloved family...
and after raya, i have been thinking to eat rendang daging....!! ~NYUM NYUM~
the best part is, i got a raya card from ~mademoiselle mariposa~
it is soooooo sweeeeeet.... haha...


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