Gustavo (pres) is Spanish = NP + Vgp [INTENS]...

Structure of English



Moreh Moreh

We had our first moreh for Ramadhan during the first Friday of the month… and we are going to do another grander one this Saturday! Ngiahahaha~ A ‘Buka Puasa’ event under the supervision of Mdm. Shamaz!


Just some random photos of the class! Well, sorta…


Photos from the BBQ in Tanjung Lipat, KK that we had after the end of our first semester’s exam…

After all the hard work, of course it was the time to be merry and happy, isn’t it?

[Maybe we should do it again soon!!!]

Second Semester's Piracy Group!

Oh yeah… Haven’t tell you guys about this term’s Pirate Members

Ship captain!

Syed Noor Yazeed


Jacinta Lontue

Piracy Codes Officer


Source of Loot!


Master of Ship's Cleanliness/Decoration!


Lecturer's Little Pirate Mateys

Literature in Malaysian Schools : Ainazafirah

Literature for Children and Young Adults : Zell

Educational Sociology : Mohd Afiq

ELT : Atiqah

Structure of English : Dzulkamal

Instructional Technology : Raihan Nabihah

Hubungan Etnik : Farhana

Our Second Year of Being TESLians

Here’re some photos from our
second year anniversary of being



ELT Today

We will always do something creative or new for our ELT lessons. Well, it’s a good thing isn’t it? The lessons are fun, enjoyable, and… errr… never make us to fall asleep... somehow, all those techniques that Mdm Jenny use for her classes are usable in Secondary Schools and we're going to apply them. Seriously, they're good!

Our Second Semester's Courses!

Here’s the list of the courses that we’re taking this semester [well, even if we’re already in the eighth week! Ngeheheh!]

Educational Sociology [EDU453]

Mr Chan Kok Wah

Instructional Technology [EDU455]

Dr Goh Lay Huah

Literature in Malaysian School [TSL430]

Mdm Sharifah Mazni

Principles and Practices in ELT [TSL450]

Mdm Jenny Kwong

Structure of English [TSL476]

Mr Fauzi Rosli

Literature for Children and Young Adults [TSL651]

Mdm Janet Moinin

Ethnic Relations [CTU553]

Prof Madya Suwaid Tapah

Seven courses, six of them have exams [gahhh~], one of them has this Big Book exhibition, and two have school visit/community service… Awesome!!!


Sorry for leaving

This blog

For a





Updates… Now!






[Muka tak bersalah]

Keningau Trip

TESL Nite 2011: An avenue of icons


Jus wanna tell you guys that WE miss YOU!!!!

WE miss KK~
WE miss GAYA~
WE miss TESL NITE!!!!!!!!

wish to see more updates on this blog, and good luck for all your assignments ;)

ps: love you!! =p

It's 2011 and We'll Have New Looks.

The blog is now being upgraded cosmetically.

New looks, coming soon!

from us, B. ED TESLians!
[Hey look, new header!]

TESL Night 2011: Coming Soon!

TESL Night is the biggest night of all for those known as TESLians here in IPG Gaya. It is a tradition and every year, TESLians (and the lecturers, and ex-Gaya TESLians) will dress according to the Night's theme. There will be food, performances, and of course fun for all! Last year's venue in Palace Hotel, and the chosen theme is Retro 70s and 80s. You can read (and ogle) them right here, here, and here.

Now, the students of B. ED (Hons.) in TESL and PISMP BI(SR) are given the responsibilities in making 2011's TESL Night a success. It is slated to be the biggest TESL Night in its history since we have a lot of classes and attendees.

The list:
1. B. ED (Hons.) in TESL and PISMP BI(SR) as the organisers.
2. Three PPISMP BI 2010 classes.
3. The Cohorts and MARJONs (our seniors)
4. Ex-Gaya TESLians, now they are teachers.
5. Lecturers.

Wow! TESL Night is indeed a big and tough job, but get this: this year will be a blast!

[Disclaimer: the poster above is for promotion only. No theme is decided yet.]

Semester 1 Degree Class Pirate Members... err... Committee

Ship captain!
Mohd Afiq Bin Mat Razai

Nur Amirah Bt. Mohd Azmi

Piracy Codes Officer!
Atiqah Bt Mohd Jaasih

Source of Loot!
Farhanah Bt Ahmad Razalie
Frederick Julay

Master of Ship's Decoration!
Muhammad Akmar bin Ahmad Shukri

Master of Ship's Cleanliness
Jazulfadli bin Jamaludin

Lecturer's Little Pirate Mateys
Literature in English : Abdullah Mustaqim B. Shamsurizal
History & Philosophy in Education : Hamy Azuar bin Hamidi
Linguistics in Language Teaching : Muhammad Dzulkamal bin Ahmad
Educational Psychology : Syed Noor Yazeed
Introduction to Guidance and Counselling : Claudia Chrisella C. Mojungkim
Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization : Nur Syakina binti Yacob