A tradition of TESLians in IPG Kampus Gaya, no matter if they are from PPs, PIs, or KPLIs is that every year, exclusively in March, a grand event know as TESL Night will be held, and this year, the MARJON 2 [which are not with us now] had organised a wonderful and blasting night with the name:

Annual TESL Night Dinner: 70s and 80s Retro - A Blast from the Past

So, the once-in-a-year event is held in The Palace Hotel near Karamunsing starting from 8pm, with the arrival of Mr Subra, our deputy director... and then the partayyyy startayyyyy~!!! Performances from each class, including us, presenting a rocking b-boying performance on the stage with the sounds of Bad Romance from Gaga... Huhuh... Nad and Fred meanwhile, are chosen as our class' best-dressed for the night though they didn't win. The food? Well... Heheh.... Before the partay finished, we danced and grooved to the retro music and then club songs... Gyahaha... So that was how the great TESLians event went on...

So now, for next year, it's up to us to make another TESL Night... Let's make it better than this one, and make it the unforgettable one, shall we?

Ya'll. See Ya' Guys and Gals Next Year!

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