TESL SM's Suka-suka Trip

7th and 8th of August are truly the greatest weekend for all of SM TESLians. Why?
because we went for not one... but two trips! Wheeeheee~!

Day 1: Karambunai / 1Borneo
After we got back from Saturday classes, we prepared ourselves and went to Karambunai by three cars... The place is a resort located around 20km from KK, in Sepanggar. Some say it's heaven, but because we were there in the afternoon, the heavenly feeling was not too much, though the place in magnificent! Gyahahah!

We were supposed to go to Tuaran Crocodile Farm later, but because of time limits, we changed our plan, and went to 1B instead. Just walking around and having karaoke session beramai-ramai... Huhuh... So, that's how the first day ended!

To the star [or the sun, maybe... It's the afternoon!]
Just for the pic!
Big chessboard and chessmates plus a Murut warrior!
After the karaoke session!
Karaoke session on the verge to begin...

Day 2: Monsopiad Cultural Village / Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
The best part of our trip... We went to Monsopiad Cultural Village, immersing ourselves in Kadazan-Dusun culture. Monsopiad was a warrior who beheaded the heads of enemies 300 years ago. Admission price: RM20. We began our trip there with a culture show by the troupe. The dances performed were Sumazau, Sazau, Murut Warrior Dance [plus a blowpipe show, featuring Amirah who was chosen to shoot a balloon - even from point blank, but failed to shoot properly... Hahah... Anyway... One word... ENVY! Gyahahah], and Magunatip. We also got the chances to try the Sumazau and Magunatip. After that, we went around the Village with a guide who showed us the Monsopiad and Kadazan culture. We saw real skulls, Gintuton do Mohoing [if it's right], Tangkob and paddy products, crossing a suspension bridge and going to the replica of a Kadazan house and it's compound, where we let our hands to try the lastics, blowpipe, traditional games, music, eating fresh rambutans from a tree, and eating Sago worms [only two of us had the guts to do it, really... EUWWW!]. As tokens of appreciation, we were given a nice bead necklaces. It was a great culture-enriching experience.

3 hours later, Lok Kawi awaited us with their wildlife. The unique thing: it's mating season. Period.... Errr... We got a glimpse of tigers, ankole bulls, sambar deer, orang utan, reptiles, and many more others, plus managed to walk into an aviary, and an animal show. Here, Zell braced herself to touch a snake [whose skin felt like plastic. Not slimy at all] while Mus hided a grape from a kind of animal that looks like a squirrel, albeit larger. The park makes us closer with the animals... Huhuh

Not-so-good Sumazau, courtesy of us
In the forest at the other end of the suspension bridge
Bermanja-manja with Mat Salehs
The Monsopiad Cultural Troupe
Before the cultural show
Trying on that thing [hoping it won't fall]
In front of Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
The elephants... were... amazingly dancing!
The snake in the animal show


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