Yours Truly... TESL SM!

Let's begin... After three, yeap... three semesters in our foundation, we are definitely one big happy family. All the things we went through thought us a lot, to be frank. We went through our lives together and shared our feelings together.

Of course, we still have a long, long way to... OK... Stop making this post emotional, wouldn't you?

Now, we present, The Family of TESL SM!

He's our King [Duncan], he's our Master-Ji, he's our 3rd Sem KO, but the first and foremost... He's our CherryBoy! Huahaha... Hails from Taiping, Perak, the only Indian in SM, though he's like too BIG to be PPISMP. Gyahaha... Whatever it is... GoGo, you're truly the best KO... Huhu

There's a zombie on your lawn... Rara ah ah ah... Fork... Here comes Rachel, the girl with the most creative head in all of Gaya that Edward de Bono would like to see her. Her mind is filled with this crazy super duper, outlandish ideas that no one else could think off. Her hometown is where else but KK!

If you want to talk about anime, especially Naruto, this is the person that you should talk to! What's more, he likes Harry Potter... The Malay version of it... Hahah. He comes from KL, and is currently unavailable to the public. Hamy was our very first KO!

His mom is a BM teacher, while he had chosen English. So, what we can conclude here? Language flows inside him... Dzul is quite serious, but he is a also a funny person, but his jokes have meanings... What's special about him is that he can create a pantun in a jiffy... Like GoGo, Perak is his home state.

Jennie [again, Jennie, not Jenny!] or her real name Tie Yin2 comes from the neighbouring state of Sarawak, more accurately in Miri. One of two Chinese here [besides Rachel], Jenjen is quite an annoy... err... easygoing and independent person... Hahah... Her English is great too!

The only student from the island of Penang, most of her statements come from a heart filled with emotions... Hahah! Plus, Aina is daddy's girl! Well, that suits her because she's a good and understanding person [though again, she's emo... Hahah!].

Our drummer all the way from Sibu, Sarawak... He has a music band, known as Kaset Kosong. Quite a tall guy, Fred is quite outspoken and honest in many instances. Like him? Fred is not available. Sorry. Hahah...

OK... Another Perakian in our class, Mira is a girl you don't wanna mess about, trust me! She's maybe your choice for your future MP for her outspoken thoughts and opinions and because of the way she speaks. Emo detector? That's Amirah.

Another SM TESLians from Sarawak... What to say about her? She's beautiful... and 'blur' 95.9% of the time. Nad is so quiet in the class... Hahah... The good thing? Her English is good!

Lin, according to her, comes from Kelantan. Like Nad... What to say about her? Let's just say, she's taken... Hahah. Oh yeah... She's our JPP and her name's not Amalina! Hahah!

Raihan's a Kedahan who is becoming very, very loud in our class. We don't even know why... Hahah... Nah... She's a good girl and always put her family as her first priority. Huhu...

Here comes another Kedahan is our class. We call him Montok, because he's one... Hahah... When he blush, we can see it... He's also our JPP, and also our class DotA representative.

Syed Noor Yazeed
Syed said he is cute... OK... That is what he said la! Hahah... SNY's our class joker and always makes our senses to be tickled... Rachel also named him as the Coffee Bean of the Year. Now though, one trifle thingy is bothering him... Haha...

Full name: Auzellea Kristin... Mouthful~! Prefers to be called as Zell! She is the most petite our class, but she scored the highest in our Mock Exam... Huhuh... What's more, she's good in Photoshop. Plus, Zell is a B-girl! Yaww!

OK... Nothing to describe about me, but well, to be random, I'm one of only two left-handers in TESL SM, I adore chocolate and Photoshop, and I love TESL SM! Gyahahah


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