Stories from the Leaves of Love

Syed Noor Yazeed:

Live like we’re dying.

BI(SM) are Shamaz’s babies!

You kiss me, I kiss you. You hurt me, I kill you.

Count on me.

Proud to be in the TESL family.


There is no Mr Hyde or Dr Jekyll within me

And I glad to know that me is me

Can’t hide myself from me

I can see what others can’t see

I know what others can never know

I can’t fool others, and so


Some of us in this world are born to to freedom & plenty, but some of us don’t have, and of the pleasures that are given to those who are free… So, we started to wonder why fortune & fate left it so limited in our experience of life. We triumph over obstacles and search for our identity, but no matter how, we won’t give up till the day we are truly free!!!

Hamy Azuar:

“It is all about friendship, courage and will to strive for become a better person”…

I was describing myself as a person that want to shine other people and myself too. I like to see other people smile happily like no sadness in our heart.


Before picking up on germs in other people’s eyes, reflect yourself in the mirror and notice that, there’s a large elephant in your eyes.

- Julay Sabil a.k.a. my father

Nur’Amalin Aishah:

Expectations sometimes hurt. My attitude is based on how people treat me. Frequently, I say I’m okay when the truth I’m not. This is me, NUR’AMALIN AISHAH ISMAIL. Be nice to me. I’ll be double nice to you.

Abdullah Mustaqim:






Fine. Fresh. Fierce.

Still got a long way ahead of me.

Live life to the fullest!

Nur Amirah:

Bright, emotional, bubbly

A person that is unpredictable

N.A.M.A. ‘saya’


Life is only once; work hard or you’ll regret it.


Raihan Nabihah:

I have no words to say…

That’s the way things are


True happiness exist only when forgiveness & contentment takes its place.


I am who I am

A man just like some of you

I am unique

No one can be like me

I’ve my own feature

No one can claim as their own

I’ve my own character

I speak my own way

I am not perfect

I am not handsome

I am not strong nor fit

But that’s me

Auzellea Kristin:

“It takes a lot of work from the face to let out a smile, but just think what good smiling can bring to the most important muscle of the body – the heart.”

- Anonymous

Mohd Afiq:

As we say goodbye to our teen years

Let’s cherish the new chapter that’s coming fast

Remember to be young at heart

Though at the same moment, stay as adult as ever.

A theme of ending teenage years

A time: rebellious, happy, sad, in love, in friendship

We went through it all.

Now, forward we move, a new era

A theme of ending teenage years

We are going to learn how to walk again.


Jny said...
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Jny said...

it jus look like TESL sm ;) love it!!

Jny said...
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Jny said...

it jus look like TESL sm ;) love it!!

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