A: prepare already?

i mean the war.

B: what war?

A: what!!!???!?!?! you dont know ka?

So this is the type of attitude many people have, including me… or is it only me?

If you notice. or you have already notice or already notice but had forgotten or hidden it far away down in the dungeon.

Well, EXAM is near.

Even more important than SPM and STPM

MUET is coming near.

So have you prepared for it?

It's like a once in a lifetime thingy.

And and and exam is near.

Face it

the truth

it's coming

dont run

coz no matter how far we run,

we will still come back to square 1.

Like it or not,

don’t regret It.

I mean,

your result.

:D so... study la now.

peace. xoxo



[Rachel, you hacked my acc~! Argghhh~! LOL]


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