Freshly Scribbled

Hi, Afiq's here, just wanting to write something meaningful [I hope] to our class blog.

So, as everyone should have known, our class will be separated soon. It's a sad thing, we need to leave our three friends, and they need to go somewhere else. Still, I don't want to cry. It happened and will continue to happen. UiTM may not accept them, but it is enough that we know that we accept them with all our hearts.

Now to the other thing, almost everyone, and I mean almost everyone in our class enter the choir, albeit they just do it for only two weeks. I really appreciated their contribution, it's weird though, that our songs have the reference about flying, you know, the titles: Take These Wings and Flying Free. They are NICE songs, of course.

So guys, I think that's it for now. It's fun writing in this blog [although I need to write using Queen's English as opposed to my own blog... Hahah]

So long and farewell~! [SKEMA SKEMA!]


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