Savour the moments

Fr. Dr. Goh.
There is so much to do in life, and so little time to do all of them. It makes us treasure our times together more. Live every moment of life and make it count. There is always so much happening in the institute, and so much to talk about.
I hope everyone will come into this blog space and write and share. I also hope that you will discuss issues together. This is just like maintaining a collective journal. You can also keep your personal journal. Here's some information I obtained from the internet:
Maintaining a Personal Journal
A personal journal is a good, ongoing way to record your observations and thoughts--your personal responses to your world--and thus develop ideas for writing. A personal journal is more than just a record of what happens in your life (it's more than just "on Monday I went to the library; on Tuesday I stayed late at work"). A personal journal is a record of your observations, feelings, and reflections on your experience. You may want to write about an incident you observed, a person, a place, an important childhood experience, different reactions to a situation, a current issue, a goal, an ethical problem, or any other subject that has attracted your attention and occupied your thoughts. Consider yourself an investigator and ask why something is the way it is, why people respond in certain ways to a particular situation, what a person's or place's or item's special characteristics are, or how something happened. In other words, think about what you observe and write those thoughts in your journal entries.


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