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XD i'm so happy that we are able to revive this blog again since... let's say, a year ago?

Dr. Goh- O gosh! i'm so excited that we're able to have individual consultation in the near future. I think that it doesn't need to be very long. But maybe when we are facing problem then the individual talk can go on. And of course when we are going to have our assignments soon then the individual talk can immediately be executed. Maybe it could be done as a few people in a group talk some times. XD it's just a suggestion though...

Emo Motel- Feel like you remember something? Or reminisce about it after more than 1 semester? You miss it don't you? Well, FEAR NOT! It's going to get going again and this time, UPGRADED! EMO Hotel. Though the exact official date is not confirm yet, but we will provide the comfort of all you need. XD the fee is as low as zero, no wait, It's FREE!!! It's just at the little corner of the classroom- the left side. Though it will be more open this time, we'll try our best to make it as cozy as possible. XP another thing that you should do is support this hotel. all donations-sweets, perfume sachets for class, drinks and tip-bits! will keep the hotel running at a 5 star level! you see this treasurer? "wink wink"
any way, the purpose of the picture above is for entertaining! GOTCHA!

-Rach, Plants vs Zombie fan!


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