Sports, Sunburn, Sweet!

I can't tell you how happy I was, and still is, that Waja won Sukan Antara Divisi. Huhuhu... I know everyone in this team [and other teams too] did their best to make our [and their] group proud, either as the athletes, or the cheerios [or rather cheering spectators], or by being in the procession [that's me!].

So, it was a great thing that we had our Games in Stadium Likas, which was, frankly, quite surprising since our Institute is not in a good financial state. So, I really, really appreciated what they did. Hey, it's not all the time that we could have a sport competition in a stadium.

The sweet thing is, two weeks of practicing Kawad did pay off. We won the second place! Wheee~! Heheh... What a great feeling. Thanks to all in the team. We did a great job. Sunburn? Well, I don't know if I had one, since my skin didn't really change in appearance, but other people did. Huhuhu...

Besides being in my team's Kawad team, I was directly involved with the games too! I was one the officials [LOL, it's AJK Pelepas only larrrr~ Hahah]. With my three friends, we were the helpers of those who started each race. Nice experience I must say. LOL.

As the final words, our Sukan Antara Divisi was a great and enriching experience. I don't mind if we have it again... Heheh... [Well, as long as I'm not the athlete... Hahah]

Fikku Fiq


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