United We Stand

Latest Express:- the place where you can hear all the news of TESL SM 2009:

19th July: 3 students from the TESL SM class were called to meet up with the higher authority to discuss about the latest issues that has befallen them. (i'm sure you know the details).
in conclusion: JenJen and Rara is going to be sent to Miri while GoGo is going to be sent to Ipoh- where a ahem ahem is there. but anyway.

we also decorated the class for the MQA thingy. which i like because of the cooperation between the siblings are really close.
Did you know that Omegle is the latest of all latest game to play besides Plants Vs. Zombie? (even FB lost the battle between the games. nyahahaha)It has great fun and also censored scenes at time which children below 18 should not watch. Or should we raise the age children below 19 should not watch. X) but it's save most of the times.

and and and Emo Corner has just had it's soft launching today!!!! weeee!!!!!
we're gonna further upgrade it soon. but now, please participate. >w< we're really turning it into a corner just for ourselves. and maybe some special visitors. dont forget to add on a layer of sticky tape at the back of the fragile paper to ensure it's survival there.

Sports day is just around the corner. this coming Thursday. i'm sure all teams are ready despite of the rainy season which had befallen unto us during our practice time. Thank God for the rain. X)

Not to forget, we're going to have convocation next Wednesday!!! >.<>
Thanks to nearly the whole Class. and to the ones who has accepted the Challenge. Dont worry. Salt is on me. *wink wink*

o. and i love Kanak Kanak Riang!

- Reporter: secret agent nyahahaha


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